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About International Relations


🌎 About Us

Antalya Belek University was established by the Akev Foundation, which has over many years of experience in Education, with the aim of transforming education-related experiences into academic potential and raising research-oriented and successful graduates. will be at the forefront of science on a global scale. BU, which started its educational activities in the 2015-2016 academic year, is proud to open its doors to the scientists of the future with its prestigious and expert academic staff, classrooms and laboratories equipped with the latest technology, and socially vibrant campus life. In addition to internship and career opportunities to prepare our students for life, opportunities that will enable them to develop in the fields of culture, art, social responsibility and sports are also offered. In order to carry out BU's internationalization policy and exchange programs for all activities, the International Relations Office (OIR) was established to serve as the Center for supporting international partnerships, cooperating with other units, and providing the University's international representation, organize and manage global events, assist in academic planning within the framework of the Bologna Process/EHEA (European Higher Education Area), carry out all mobility activities, support the mobility of students / staff and the development of opportunities for international experiences and understanding, international consulting students and recruitment, BU to provide opportunities for students to study abroad. OIR organizes information days for students and staff for all Erasmus-related programs and selection procedures and announces them continuously via e-mail, social media, University web page and faculties panels. OIR helps develop and maintain BU's diverse international collaborations with research and education and student/staff exchange links with institutions of academic excellence around the world.

🌎 İnternationalization Policy

Antalya Belek University (BU) aims to be one of the leading universities in the region, Europe and the world in 2029. As a new generation higher education institution, BU is aware that we live in a global world. which information, information seekers and information providers are found across borders. Anyone can be anywhere, not just with a ticket, but with a click. This fact has been a major game changer in higher education in recent years. “Globalization” or “melting in the same pot” is a concept appreciated not only today but also in the past. For example, most Greek and Muslim philosophers would travel outside of their regions and explore beyond their regions. Internationalization has never been easier than it is today, but it has certainly been practiced and valued for a long time. It was the practice of internationalization, not only at the individual but also at the societal level, that made today's scientific legacy possible. When we look at the so-called Golden Ages of human history, such as the rise of Islamic civilization, the Renaissance, and the Scientific Revolution, we see that they all coincide with the search for truth at a global level. . His Greek heritage was preserved and developed in the early days of Islam, and when he went to Europe there was a "Rebirth". The seamless knowledge journey allows us to bring together diverse ideas from different cultures, which can result in unprecedented advances in both the arts and sciences. Considering this, BU considers internationalization as one of its most important priorities. In addition to the international accreditation processes, BU started its strategic development and planning program before it opened its doors to its students.

🌎 Strategic Plan

Internationalization of programs and curricula through the Bologna Process; Internationalization of library resources through subscription to international databases; Internationalization of the campus by admission of international students (ratio 1:2) and participation in ERASMUS mobility programmes; Internationalization of academic and administrative staff through the employment of international members; Internationalization of research institutions through global collaborations.

🌎 Why BU?

🔺 Prestigious & Expert Academic Staff

🔺 Science First Class Education

🔺 Applied Research Experience Backed by 30 Years of Experience

🔺 Internship Education in Prestigious Institutions

🔺 Translational Research Approach

🔺 Research and Development Centers

🔺 Equipped Application Laboratories

🔺 Low Student-Faculty Ratio

🔺 Rich Library

🔺  Live Social Activities

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🌎 Programs and Fees

      Tuition and Fees for the academic year 2023-2024 will be announced.

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➡ Registration

During the registration you are required to deliver following documents to the International Office:

▪ Copy of Passport (ID page) 

▪ English/Turkish Translation of High School Diploma 

▪ English/Turkish Translation of Transcript 

▪ Certificate of Equivalence (Proof of equivalency can be provided from Turkish Embassies in the home country or Provincial Department of Education) 

▪ 6 Passport-size Photos 

▪ National-International Examination Results (If the student will not apply with her/his High School Diploma) 

▪ An approved copy of exam results of SAT I, ACT, GCE, etc. or another national or international examination (If available) 

▪ Turkish Language Competency Certificate (TÖMER Certificate) for the departments which have Turkish Medium of Instruction 

▪ Proof of English Language Competency for the departments which have English Medium of Instruction (TOEFL IBT, TOEFL CBT, TOEFL PBT, CEE, ACT, IB as provided above in the language requirements question.) 

▪ Residence Permit (If Available) 

▪ Proof of payment 


➡ Erasmus Department

Dr. Gökhan Akel

Antalya Belek University

Erasmus Department Coordinator 

Eralp Kaya

Antalya Belek University

Erasmus assistant coordinator 

PIC: 896868985

Organization ID: E10227453

Registration number: 6640

VAT number: 0700347621